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Under cover and without: how to love your body

Undress in front of a new partner can be scary even to owners of the ideal body. What can we say about the rest? We are struggling with the systems and learn tricks. The ability to accept yourself with all the flaws - the key to a happy life, psychologists say. Learn more with our webcam chat with strangers.



Scared modern How to beat Facebook phobia

Still afraid of ghosts, spiders or heights? It's the past. In the XXI century are going crazy because of comments on social networks and smartphone battery shrunken. Psychologists have come to the aid of rapid technology followers and social networks. Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.


How to tie a depression in social networks

"Life is a pain!" - Often writing in social media statuses like this? It seems you the classic internet whiner. However Facebook psychotherapy is quiet harmful. We urge the tie with it and learn how. Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.


Facts and myths about the benefits of sex for health

Sex prolongs youth, cures depression, improves skin, improves the immune system and promotes weight loss: we understand where it ends the myth and reality begins. Not everyone in this world pleasant or harmful or leads to obesity. Sex - one of the few pleasures of life, which is useful for health and figure. Can I use it as a medicine? Learn more with our random webcam blog.

Sex prolongs youth


Extra people: what to do with his girlfriends

No doubt: the friendship between man and woman is possible. We will try to explain what to do with the friendship between a strange woman and your man. Learn more with our video chat with random people blog.

To learn how not to feel like a fool, I can tell you quite a lot, but not much want to.