Under cover and without: how to love your body

Undress in front of a new partner can be scary even to owners of the ideal body. What can we say about the rest? We are struggling with the systems and learn tricks. The ability to accept yourself with all the flaws - the key to a happy life, psychologists say. Learn more with our webcam chat with strangers.


Unfortunately, most modern women evaluate themselves within jokes by Wallis Simpson:. "You cannot be too well dressed and too thin" Well, if you really are overweight, get a (both - please refer to our section "Body"). And in anticipation of the results of the charge and a healthy diet will help correct lighting and favorable posture. Men love with their eyes - battered but stubborn truth, so "completely abandoning the world during sex, you deprive the partner opportunity to really enjoy the closeness with you, - explains Catherine Cox. - Subdued lighting will make the contours of the figure less clear, and the weight will not be evident. If you want to hide the full tummy, ideal postures are "doggy-style" and "rider" back to the man. Complex about the size of the thighs and cellulite fit "rider" face-to partner" But even the most flattering light does not eliminate the need to accept as fact the following: if the man has appeared to you on the same sheet, means he likes you, and he is confident that the closeness with you and your kilos please him. So do not spoil it either him or yourself - relax and enjoy the process. If you want to have some company – try our random text chat.


Large moles, birthmarks and scars can give rise to no fewer complexes than the proverbial extra weight. What if the man to whom you are - at first glance faultless - gathered to undress, not like a surprise? "Accessories, beautiful clothes and all the same dim down to turn disadvantages into advantages - sure Catherine Cox. - The main thing is not to overdo it: the fact that a flaw is for you, man may seem a twist" The world has seen many heartbreakers that such flaws do not interfere jealous arrange personal life. And they all share one thing - they do not consider their particular disabilities and disguise them: Karolina Chen at virtually no navel, Padma Lakshmi does not hide 20-centimeter scar on his right hand, as well as Tina Turner - a huge birthmark on his left forearm. If the penultimate wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, from complexes about the fact that he noticed during sex that her prosthesis instead of legs, it would be unlikely to marry him. It does not want to and love for the dignity, but in spite of the shortcomings.


The psychologist, for body-oriented therapy specialist Clark Kasimov advised not to change the body and mind in the struggle with complexes. So, how comfortable we feel in your body depends not on objective reality and from our subjective perception. It is therefore often looks embarrassed those who seemingly do not have the reasons. And some owners, for example, the very real extra pounds feel free and relaxed. Why many people do not like my body? This "contagion" often strikes us as a child, and stays with us for life.