Extra people: what to do with his girlfriends

No doubt: the friendship between man and woman is possible. We will try to explain what to do with the friendship between a strange woman and your man. Learn more with our video chat with random people blog.

To learn how not to feel like a fool, I can tell you quite a lot, but not much want to.

But recently, an old friend (and I immediately specify - just a friend) told how the easiest way to feel like a fool. "It's when you're sitting at the birthday of her boyfriend and cannot figure out who all these damn dolls. Or rather, you cannot understand any of them he already had all, with whom nothing was, and who else is bound to be" This emotional monologue (I removed from him about four epithets line) not only opened the door for me in the dark depths of a woman's soul, but also reminded why I stopped celebrating birthdays before he graduated from the school. Now, in their own school life on the pages of our blog, I will explain you how to not be in this ridiculous situation. Have some fun with our text chat with strangers.

The first thing you need to do - to separate the wheat from the chaff

Suppose, in his notebook phone 157 women (not counting the masseuse, hairdresser, pedicure and a dentist). You are only interested in those that he scored more than twice in the last year (or wrote texts). Believe me: if communication with this stunning sex-bomb is reduced to the Happy New Year and birthday, then in front of you is not a bomb, and the dummy.

Do you know the names of his ex’s?

Feel free to delete from the list of threats to those with whom he broke up more than two years ago. Even if he continues to unknown reason, to communicate with them, the electricity in their relationship no more than penlight batteries is enough only for the exchange of complaints. Further rehabilitate all those with whom he is friends since elementary school (if he is still in school, close Please log and return the older sister) - have for twenty years nothing has happened not because of a fatal combination of circumstances, but because they both is not necessary.

If his association with this sex bomb is reduced to the Happy New Year, then in front of you is not a bomb, and the dummy.

It remains the only dangerous for your character - a girl with whom he had a fleeting affair. And it's not just the fact that he already knows that it can happen, but the fact that she knows about it. Why else would she turns around, drinking coffee with him, writes text messages at eleven-thirty the night? He works on himself, reminding himself of the failure? Or work on the bugs? Once you know the enemy (or enemies) in the face, it's time to engage in a decisive battle with rivals. Re-read that sentence again: you feel how foolish it sounds? And you feel a fool, do not seem to want. It is necessary to enter into negotiations and not with rivals, of course, but with her boyfriend. To begin, select a couple of "safe" friends and make them your "favorites of": boyfriend inquiries about their cases, call for a visit, go to the movies. Now it's time to talk. Explain to your prince, you love his friends and girlfriends, but think that some of them destructive influence on your relationships.