RULES Randomwebcam

Following these rules at our chats is very important if people want to avoid the ban. Randomwebcam have experts that watch the web chats hundreds times in order to keep our video chat project saved all the time. If somebody follows our small list of rules, they won’t experience any kind of troubles. By the way, if anyone going to break our main rules, he would get ban on the site and would be not able to continue using our chat site.

After we allow nudity, people must be at least 20 years old to use our website. If users using this chat and they are underage, they could be instantly get ban

Rude actions are not tolerated. If somebody insult other people or attempt to hurt them in any sort of method, he will get ban from our website

It’s very important for people to report any sort of inappropriate behavior if people notice this fact. Team of Randomwebcam is has wonderful team of moderators and our band really need them to create a useful tool to make this project as a best chat.

Annoying behavior is not welcome on our site. If anybody is caught when using fake software tools that designed for webcam they should be immediately get ban.

Any illegal behavior such as using drugs on broadcasting or performing violent actions is not adorable. If anybody caught doing such things on webcam, user will be momently get ban by his IP, and it is will be moved to the local authorities.