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What is the best way to communicate with each other?

When we begin a life as a couple we pay close attention to details, to coexistence, to the discovery of the other and to our way of communicating to the other what we want. As time goes by, it seems that the relational dynamics of our marriage are losing what is fundamental in communication. Communication in the couple travels in a path of two, allowing the other to verbalize what they feel in all circumstances, keeping in mind to keep an open, empathic and close listening. They also play a fundamental role; Sincerity, trust, respect and love, among other variables.

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Swapping couples: swingers

Who is a swinger? Learn more with our blog and please welcome to our random webcam chat.

Psychology analyzes and classifies the sexual diversity of our behaviors to understand them and to be able to help in situations of conflict. In principle the specialized manuals (DSM V), classify in two large groups the sexual manifestations:

Dysfunctions or alterations of a psychological nature that prevent the enjoyment of sexuality and eroticism, and the unusual behaviors and sometimes socially unacceptable.


Love at work

The places to get a couple can be as varied as the various forms of interaction that people establish: the park, church, school, a party, a wake, a traffic incident or why not? Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.

How does the relationship begin?

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How to know if you have chosen your partner well for a long relationship

There has been a lot of talk about the orange stockings and the "ideal" person for each one, but at the moment of truth it seems that choosing our partner for life is an arduous task, which in almost 50% of cases ends In total failure. In the field of psychology have established the most important characteristics to achieve sentimental stability and fullness in love, do you want to know what they are? Learn more about relationships with our blog and you are always welcome to our video chat with random people.


Emotional Intelligence in the couple

Emotional Intelligence plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of the couple. Learn more with our blog and welcome to webcam chat with strangers.