Scared modern How to beat Facebook phobia

Still afraid of ghosts, spiders or heights? It's the past. In the XXI century are going crazy because of comments on social networks and smartphone battery shrunken. Psychologists have come to the aid of rapid technology followers and social networks. Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.

This year, Facebook was only ten years old, and he has 1.2 billion users. The spread of social networks in developed countries is changing the structure of public relations about the same as at the time of the invention of printing changed. Peace lay down on the palm and allows himself to turn over. Information has become infinitely more accessible and human infinity always fascinated and frightened - it is impossible to grasp, and it is impossible to comprehend. If you are looking for a warm company – try our random text chat.

According to US scientists, 66% of owners of mobile phones are afraid to be left without communications.

In parallel, illusory shrank distance, divided the familiar strangers - Fall away in social networks can be not only the mortals of interest, but until recently inaccessible stars, politicians, famous directors and writers. Few people realize that they go out to the people on Sanchez: Like is a rating, convertible into hard currency. Many famous social networks on their behalf are agents, that is the gulf between the public and the star, has not disappeared. As a matter of fact it is not going away private space of each person coming to the Internet, even if anyone is shamelessly trying to disrupt. Digital Reality is still largely terra incognita - the rules of etiquette, and just decent behavior there just installed. Effect of long-term stay in the network on the psyche and somatic scientists are only beginning to explore. The number of Internet addiction and phobias, meanwhile, is growing and spreading. Our expert, psychologist, psychodrama by Helen Chang specialist helps to protect themselves or to get rid of the most common.

"I'm afraid to comment on articles and posts on the Internet, - says 23-year-old Sarah. - I read with interest, but when I want to share my thoughts, I understand that I can not do that. I'm afraid it!"

For this fear has come up with the name - tredophoby (thread is a branch of the comments in social networks). The man, who scared to express his opinion on the Internet, often is shy and indecisive in real life. Online, his fears were only exacerbated because the interlocutors on the other side of the monitor rarely watch his language. Psychologist: "Such diffidence is likely to say that the man had a lack of warm in childhood. Help yourself can only assimilating the role of its own internal "parent" - praising himself and approving. This is a lengthy process. Alternatively, you can make an account in the name of a fictional character, which will help to overcome the internal barrier. The main thing is not to hit the internet trolling. If you shock the audience, you will cause only hatred, but because you want to love and recognition."

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