How to tie a depression in social networks

"Life is a pain!" - Often writing in social media statuses like this? It seems you the classic internet whiner. However Facebook psychotherapy is quiet harmful. We urge the tie with it and learn how. Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.

According to a study conducted by analyst firm Topsy Data Services, hashtags and #Rant #TwitterRant English-language Twitter users rates in 2013 to 33% more than in 2012. In principle, our desire to pour out the soul of the network is quite understandable. After writing a full status of righteous indignation about how unfair cost us or how unfeeling boss turned out to be a boyfriend, we know that we get instant feedback in the form of likes, comforting and sympathetic comments. However, such therapy in a hurry is extremely harmful. "Instead of a sober look at the problem and address it, you cheat yourself pouring out of a sieve - says psychologist Margalis Felstad. - A sympathetic comments of others is actually only able to raise the degree of your emotions. "

35% of users recognized that emotions are divided into Facebook to get the support.

With a colleague agrees expert on anger management, Dr. John Shinnener: "When you complain, activated the amygdala is a part of the brain responsible for emotions. It inhibits the work of the prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of logical thinking. That is, you will automatically lose the ability to think clearly and make constructive decisions" If you are looking for something special, try our random text chat and have some fun.


Those who are hooked on the needle Facebook psychotherapy, not so easy to get off with her. We give a few recommendations. US scientists have proved that those who often listens to other people's complaints, reduced brain activity.

  • If the "irreparable happened," simply take a deep breath. And then ... refer to itself by name and offer calm. Recent studies show that as we gain the ability to look at the problem objectively.
  • Wait at least an hour before you go to your page in the social network.
  • If you are at home, shake the press, do the cleaning. Have someone - Have sex. Physical activity will direct the energy in the right direction. At work - see a funny video or listen to upbeat music - it helps to calm down.
  • If you realize that no amount of effort you will not help to keep silent, speak out, referring to a limited audience. Instead of 550 friends from "Facebook"
  • Select one or two friends that are offline. It is desirable to those that help to look at the situation objectively, and will not play along, Ridicule or carry outright nonsense.

When I share my experiences on the web, I feel better. However, sometimes it is necessary to regret written. Frankly, five times I deleted their posts - they were too personal. But the advantages do not care anymore. For example, once when I was a trouble and it was really hurt, I wrote about it and was surprised how many strangers I sympathized. I have written about a thousand comments. Almost everyone has been deployed, it is very touching. Many of these posts I kept making screenshots. No matter what the psychologists, and this support is worth it!