Swapping couples: swingers

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Psychology analyzes and classifies the sexual diversity of our behaviors to understand them and to be able to help in situations of conflict. In principle the specialized manuals (DSM V), classify in two large groups the sexual manifestations:

Dysfunctions or alterations of a psychological nature that prevent the enjoyment of sexuality and eroticism, and the unusual behaviors and sometimes socially unacceptable.

  • Well, in this second classification, are the manifestations of the sexuality of the swingers. Where sex is practiced in a group and where the official partner, is not exactly the protagonist to promote sex directly, because it is done mainly with the participation of others. Here the combinations are multiple: A man with two women, a woman with two women, a woman with two men (Bivirism), three men with three men (triolism), three women with each other, finally as many participants and as many rotations as the Imagination allow it.
  • Within the same combinations, the same manuals distinguish those who are able to experience an orgasm or enjoy erotically seeing their partner have sex (Alopelia), or who enjoy being observed having it with a partner that is not their own (Agrexofilia) or See the couple copulating with another (Candalagnia) or imagining the couple with another person in the intimacy (Alorgasmia) or enjoying sex with someone who is menstruating (Menstruophilia) or who feels pleasure by the sweat left by the couple in (Sudorofilia) or who are excited about talking openly about sex or knowing that their partner wants to have sex with one of the assistants (auditory inspection or audioerotism). You can complete the list with the voyeurists or people who like to look at others in private, but without being observed, who like to exhibit themselves (exhibitionists) or who like to hear the moans or sounds produced by others to have intimacy without being Seen (Ecouteurism). Lear more about relationships with our free text chat.

What is behind the personality of the swingers?

According to the characteristics that I observed in the office, they are people who feel unable to meet the intimate needs of their own partner in a personal way, so they look for some person (s) or people to help them complete this Labor (for that reason I speak of the metaphor of driving the car in previous lines). They have differences in their sexual temperaments and the fact of having sex in a group balances them in one way or another. They have certain disadvantages that prevent them from interacting with their own partner in the field of the personal and decide to resort to doing it then in a group atmosphere and full of imagery. Sometimes because of this perception of not being able to satisfy or fill their partner, this becomes a rather physical and real disability, where group sex is used as a resource to complete the task with the couple.