Emotional Intelligence in the couple

Emotional Intelligence plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of the couple. Learn more with our blog and welcome to webcam chat with strangers.

Every emotion has at its root an impulse towards action, and effectively managing these impulses is basic. Paradoxically, this can be especially difficult in a love affair, where there is so much at stake. The reactions that intervene here reach some of our deepest needs such as being loved or feeling respected. Fear of abandonment or emotional deprivation is evident in this aspect of our lives. It is not surprising that during a conjugal fight we act as if our survival is at stake.

The act of falling in love

Falling in love is a feeling born spontaneously and with great intensity, it is that "strange sensation" as some call it, which is maintained for a time and then diminishes. In some cases it disappears and in others it becomes love. For two people to fall in love there must be certain circumstances such as physical attraction, that are intellectually complementary, some degree of emotional intimacy, approach and desire to be together, among others. However, there are cases where these conditions are not necessarily met and people fall in love anyway. If you are looking for something special – try our random text chat.

Falling in love is a very intense emotional experience that leads people to get involved in a very deep way.

Generally this feeling is observed during the stage of adolescence and youth, but some people repeat this same pattern of behavior throughout their lives, in which all thoughts and ideas that have the other are positive, idealized and almost irrational times. In this phase, both members of the couple are tremendously tolerant with each other, in order to maintain the intensity of the infatuation. Any inconvenience, however serious it is, is not important because what matters is the desire to be in love and love the other. You experience a kind of sense of protection, based on the deep conviction of "believing to know" what is best for the other. Those who are in the period of falling in love have ideals that are almost always impossible to achieve, because they begin to imagine a series of situations with their partner that are not usually real, such as "we will always be for each other," " He / she will change thanks to my love "," we are both as one "and thus a lot of thoughts pass through each one's mind and then, when faced with reality, can rarely be carried out. Thus, falling in love favors and facilitates the formation of the couple, although in the long run it is not all so "perfect". Both men and women feel impulses that emit unconscious signals (gestures, looks, smiles, etc.) that provoke instant reactions in both. It is what is defined as the chemistry of love.