Love at work

The places to get a couple can be as varied as the various forms of interaction that people establish: the park, church, school, a party, a wake, a traffic incident or why not? Learn more with our random webcam chat blog.

How does the relationship begin?

Many are the ways in which a couple is known and united; Differences, similarities, proximity, continuous treatment, being complementary, teamwork, excessive time spent in an office, tempting the forbidden, making the day more enjoyable, completing what is not You have it at home or with the official couple, well, the range is impressive. They go from mutual agreement, convincing or even harassing pressure from harassment in the most extreme and unpleasant cases.  On many occasions the same expectations of living together as a couple are not contemplated, since they could be relations of convenience, playful, passionate or complementary only. However, they generate the same emotional burnout as a relationship out of this context. The combinations are as big as the existing couples, in some it can be an open secret: the boss with the secretary, the colleagues who work together and walk all day in coexistence, a lower category employee with the / The boss, those who look for a pretext to spend most of the time next to the other, those who need each other to carry out some production process, also the least probabilistic list, the president of the company With some messenger or quartermaster, in short, each of them could be a unique case. Cupid makes his presence many times feeling aversion or rejection by the person and is subsequently seen on the positive side, when they are attracted. Couples at work can interfere with the objectives of the company, so in some cases from the signing of the contract they are made to see this restriction to the employees, which sometimes works to move them away or to try nevertheless the risks.

Positive consequences of love at work

In the positive part, motivates people not to be absent, to be more creative, efficient, and productive, to be in a better mood, to make the load more bearable when it comes to routine or stressful work. In the case of responsible employees, they infect others with optimism and the desire to live, seeing them generally in a good mood, put their grain of sand in order to achieve the objectives of the company. They collaborate to make a more positive organizational climate and can be more satisfied with their work and by their position with their relationship. The romances in the office go through the common infatuation between the relationships of daily life, at the same time for risking intimacy within the premises, which can range from a simple touch of lips, a passionate kiss, until turning from Head office ending in a sexual relationship. By the way you can start a little random text chat.

Negative consequences

If the situation of the members involved is one of conflict, then the dynamics of one's own partner is capable of influencing negatively not only between themselves but also between co-workers, being able to reach the terrain of the family life of both , All of which also to the detriment of the company.

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