What is the best way to communicate with each other?

When we begin a life as a couple we pay close attention to details, to coexistence, to the discovery of the other and to our way of communicating to the other what we want. As time goes by, it seems that the relational dynamics of our marriage are losing what is fundamental in communication. Communication in the couple travels in a path of two, allowing the other to verbalize what they feel in all circumstances, keeping in mind to keep an open, empathic and close listening. They also play a fundamental role; Sincerity, trust, respect and love, among other variables. Learn more with our random webcam chat.

The sincerity and transparency in the dialogue with our partner, allow us to demonstrate the security that allows us to maintain a relationship with them.

It is important to realize that in a couple relationships there is the self, the you and the us. Thus, in principle we must accept the other's private life through trust and mutual respect. Producing the open dialogue that everyone at some point we yearn to keep on a constant security path and to know the terrain by which we will walk it is important to understand what we want to communicate, not to fall into personal interpretations, which have nothing to do with what they really want to tell us. We must always ask if we do not understand, do no harm, enrich us and keep alive constant concern for the other. One of the most frequent problems in communication is to be locked in what one believes is correct not accepting the ideas of others. It is here that we do not really give the necessary attention, we do not listen and we lose the dialogue. In communication one listens and the other speaks constantly exchanging roles, since we all want to have the experience of going through both places. With this we achieve an understanding and we can reach agreements and make equitable decisions, but it will always be one of the two that keeps pace, maintaining an unattractive relationship for those who do not fully share their ideals and points of view. Finally, each person must keep in mind that the messages delivered within their relationship are part of the confidentiality and respect between them, a third party who knows the information will not help, unless we need professional help to guide and support a deficit In communication. By the way, the different good way to communicate – is random text chat!

Some practical suggestions for optimal partner communication

  • Listen and try to understand without interruption who speaks to you, and then give your opinion about it.
  • Ask when the message is not completely clear, never interpret a message.
  • Try to communicate everything that seems necessary and important, with much respect and clarity.
  • Do not get upset, do not shout, do not get angry, when they do not think or feel like you, remember that we all have the right to think and feel with different nuances.
  • Remember that it is always necessary to reach agreements with your partner, so that both feel that they are being taken into account by the other.
  • Try to solve problems with your partner, together, between the two, through dialogue, love, and understanding and mutual respect.
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