How to know if you have chosen your partner well for a long relationship

There has been a lot of talk about the orange stockings and the "ideal" person for each one, but at the moment of truth it seems that choosing our partner for life is an arduous task, which in almost 50% of cases ends In total failure. In the field of psychology have established the most important characteristics to achieve sentimental stability and fullness in love, do you want to know what they are? Learn more about relationships with our blog and you are always welcome to our video chat with random people.

The 5 Characteristics for Emotional Stability

1. Someone with values ​​similar to yours

Choosing someone who has similar values ​​greatly decreases the frictions in the relationship, especially when we pretend to be durable over time. It is important, before taking the big step, to talk about priorities about having children, the role they will play in the future family, beliefs about money and religion, etc. Obviously, it is impossible to always agree on everything, but it is important to reach certain consensus, especially at the beginning of the relationship, so keep this in mind.

2. Someone who knows how to laugh at himself

Having a sense of humor, being able to laugh at a situation when it is something committed, or yourself if we are wrong, for example, is very important. But if for all you do not have a very funny partner, choose someone who can stop a discussion and learn to laugh at the situation, but you may end up in a loop of discussions that will be difficult to slow at any given time.

3. Someone with inner beauty

It seems simple, but this is a very difficult thing to get, at least the first few times. Close your eyes and see what you can feel about that person, his gentleness, his loyalty, his understanding, his devotion, his ability to take care of you, his ability to take care of himself as an independent being. In our culture we rely heavily on what we see with our eyes, but we all know that in the long run the inner value is more important than the outer beauty. Tired of reading? Have some fun with our text chat with strangers.

4. Someone who wishes to learn day by day

If there is something that truly makes a difference between a lifelong partner and a fleeting lover, it is someone who has the ability to learn. There is a saying that says "the ignorant is not very tolerant". Those who cannot learn new things see things from another perspective, be curious about the world and how things or people function, often close and understand each other's vision. For a long-term relationship it is better to be with someone who opens up, learns and above all, evolves with circumstances.

5. Someone who has strength and sensitivity at the same time

But do not confuse strength with rigidity and sensitivity with fragility. As for strength we mean the sense of being "strong as a tree": strong winds can blow but will sustain because it is flexible and will move back and forth with the wind. And as for sensitivity, we mean to be open and to grasp the things that are around us.