What to do after the end of relationships

Young girl in a post-breakup period is such a stereotypical image. Tear-stained pillows, tons of chocolate and sentimental films in the genre of melodrama and new and not always successful haircut come to mind. But what do guys - their ex-boyfriends - do after the breakup?.. In fact, they do all the same. Grieve, do stupid things, trying to forget their girlfriends. That's only manifested in a different way.

  • They blow off steam, pounding his fists on something. On the wall. On the pillow. Hit a punching bag.
  • Cry in their mind. Or, for example, cry in the shower. The main thing is that nobody saw.
  • They go to the gym and pump iron furiously. Almost like a Celentano`s hero, chopping firewood in bisbetico “The Taming of the Scoundrel”. The reasons are different, and the mechanism is the same: to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and redirect the energy.
  • They spent a lot of time at home, lying on the sofa, guzzling chips and beer and watching TV. No, this is not the usual rest, which has always been an enjoyable part of his weekend. This is Great Seating on the couch, which ends with a crushing victory over the blues (but not before provisions run out).
  • They  desperately try to find someone on a dating site. And of course in such a lousy time they are not choosy at all. In the course are: free text chat, app for easy sex, random web cam chat and so on. If only the partner was the most unlike the girl of his unrealized dream…
  • They often begin to spy on social networks. What did you write on your page? With whom are you on this new photo? Where have you go? Does your relationship status changed?
  • They try to get you back. Sometimes it even works out. It is a moment of great revelation: if you can get over this? Is the relationship worth the new beginning?
  • Methodically destroy all that reminds of you and erase you from the memory. Sometimes it's easier - to forget and move on, not dragging a heavy suitcase for the memories.
  • Reunite with their old friends. Now, when the guy has so much free time, which was previously occupied by you... Why should not he take an advantage? And if you do not like some of his friends - now he is doubly pleasant to communicate with that person.
  • Publish in the blog or twitter profound sayings, that love - is false, life is cruel and women are frivolous and superficial.
  • They swear not to fall in love one more time ever in life. Well, at least a year. Or a month. Or how it goes.