Web romance in our life, the subject 21st century

Sometimes it seems that too much of our life is spent online.  Typical problem of the 21st century! First practical things - as bank accounts and booking of tickets, later - women forget the joy of “offline” shopping and, groups of friends find it difficult to gather in some bar and prefer to stay at home ordering takeaway… And finally relationship moved into network. We demand – “quicker and more”, we are often ashamed to get acquainted in the street, but we spent a lot of time using webcam random services. More often we don`t know names of our neighbors, but without any embarrassment and hesitation communicate in text chat with random people. As a result – we are often disappointed.

Maybe we forgot simple ways to meet and flirt so long time ago, that they seem interesting and extraordinary again. Look around! What if the one (or pick the right quantity!) you`ve been waiting for is closer than you could imagine? For example…

Part 1. Let`s talk about office romance

Maybe it can surprise you, but the office romance often becomes the basis for a strong relationship. You already have common interests - at least, professional - and you spend a lot of time together. It remains only to wait for a successful occasion to put relations of workers in romance. The best option would be a joint trip. Another good place – corporate party. But it is important not to drink too much champagne for the courage. Control your actions and do not lose your dignity, because no matter what happens, you still have to work together every day and to see each other in the office. 
At the office romance has its pluses and minuses, so carefully weigh all this before you start to take decisive action.

What are the main advantages of the relationship with your colleague?

  • When the partner tells you how "Ann got mad at Sam because he complained about her to boss" you know, about whom this entire thing. Unlike other people who quickly lose the thread of all these endless tales about office intrigue, you are always aware of what is happening and you have at least a minimal relation to it, so pay more attention to him.
  • You do not have to sit at home and go crazy with jealousy when he is late. Let him to visit the bar with the staff of his department, you know well that everyone of them is pre-retirement age, or deep-married, and that pretty secretary went on maternity leave.
  • None of you do not have to tiptoe awkwardly in the corner, coming to the corporate to another, because you have a common corporate, and everyone knows each other.
  • He (she) can really help you if you work a great deal. And not just in the spirit of cheer: "Be strong, do you have time, I believe in you."
  • If you have a bad day, your partner can drop by and pick you up in person rather than text messages.