Web romance in 21st century Part 2

Close friend is sometimes so close, that you cannot recognize your true big love in this person… This is what usually happens: you are sure you are best friends, until you start to find bunches on your windowsill and notice that he accompanies you with bambi-style sad eyes. "Doesn`t he in love with me?" – you start asking yourself, and it turns out that everybody notice it... Except you.

There are some signs that he is in love with you, and you two probably will be a great couple.

  • Your common acquaintances think you are together. If both friends and strangers take you for a couple – it means there are some fluids behind you, even if you had not recognized it yet.
  • He hugs you at the meeting as if it is something more than the ordinary greeting. And if your hugs are a little longer than usual - so the feeling among you just woke up.
  • If you hang out together all the time, let's be honest: couples behave that way. Oh, yes, you're just friends. Friends, who dine together, go together to museums, to the movies and talk for hours and hours almost about everything. You say “He`s just an interesting and cheerful person, and thinks the same about me”. But you must admit that there are a lot of chances to communicate and have fun with a minimum expenditure of time in any random text chat. And you and he both always choose each other.
  • He never says that he had a crush on some girl - because other women don`t exist for him. You definitely know that he is lonely, attractive and tough guy, and it cannot be true that girls do not fall in love with him, but all you ever heard about his personal life are some fleeting stories about his random web chat and Tinder experience. You know it is not serious. And if he says about relationship, he emphasizes that he had not met someone special yet (although in fact he had met, and it is you).
  • He became friends with your friends. He got to know these people through you, but now he comes off in their company, because he wants to please them, so that they could show the way you pay attention to him, not only as a friend.
  • He often speaks of what a great time he usually spends with you. Platonic friends rarely do so. With platonic friends it is clear without words and there is no particular need to express it – of course you have fun together - otherwise you would not be friends. But one, who dreams of becoming your boyfriend, highlights how he appreciates you, hinting that he dreams of something more.
  • He always responds to your posts. Of course good friends do so either, but they may have their hands full and forget. But for him it is so important to pay attention to you, that he would literally never forget to answer.