We bring our skills to perfection

I'm not afraid of who studied 10,000 different strokes. I'm afraid of the one who repeated the same kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee), a master of martial arts, film actor, philosopher

Martial arts are taught to sharpen every technique over and over again, and a businessman, this rule applies in his work above the competition on two heads. According to this principle, by the way, the Swedes live with this concept, and I even worry that I am not a Sweden. They sew in Scandinavia in the national code to bring everything to automaticity, whereas in Russia have come to rely on the magic random. But, of course, is not a nationality case. Steve Jobs, for example, diligently prepares for every speech, even when he was at the peak of glory. He could never go on stage, but he chose to bring to the automaticity his public presentation skills, which, as we all know, Apple has helped greatly in promoting. Or Beatles - remember those? Before becoming the legendary Fab Four, they worked like hell for 12 hours a day, playing in small pubs across Britain. It was only after these guys have perfected their technical skills, fully played out; they began to make history and gained worldwide popularity. If you are looking for something really interesting – try our free random web chat.

Do not miss the left hook

Often in an elaborate scenario you break contingencies. In other words, blow flies on the side, which you did not expect a dirty trick. No matter how sophisticated techniques may be your enemy, wine is always on you, caught the hook - so little practiced. Anticipate possible everything except some fantastic force majeure like an alien invasion (in which case the business problem, obviously, go by the wayside). It gets worse, when the blow comes from the partner. In the ring it is difficult to imagine, but in business it happens all the time. In this case, the error is found in the past, on the stage of the selection team. Setting coach, a sparring partner is all this is important both in battle and in business. Private chat rooms online are created just for satisfaction.

Dirty Tricks

We are all cultured people and try to come to a victory without dirty tricks. But sometimes without strict measures nowhere, the only question is, how far will you move and whether then sleep at night. In general, the list of permitted methods depends on your value system. In the ring, some men allow themselves to beat the opponent in the groin, or putting objects weighting in glove in the business - to lead in major customer or competitor valuable employee. Of course, this is not a gentleman behavior, but if the big win looming or a big contract, ethics silently go out in such situation.

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