Unpleasant questions: what to say?

Who does not have to answer the tough questions? Be sure to find a tactless man who will not fail to ask, "Why you are not married?", "Why you are divorced with your husband?", "Why do not you want to lose weight?" Or "why is your son so bad student, you're with him that I did not do?" And not only are these questions sound. Each has its own taboo subject. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, it is best to master the technique of lightning responses to repulse friends all have such hunting to carry on the conversation in that direction. Learn more with our random webcam blog!

Useless information

The question could, in principle, to answered, but you are not obliged to give any concrete information and to answer clearly. You can restrict vague phrases that everyone interprets in his own way. For example, you can say "everything was okay", "as all", "that’s fine".


You can return the same question to your companion, and even add to it a question for him uncomfortable. It is best to start with, "I understand that ...". For example, "I understand that you were greatly interested in my personal life?" Or "I understand that you are aware of everything that is happening to me?". You can then add a "control shot" on a given topic. For example, in response to the "when you going to pick up new boyfriend?" Say, "Find a bf is not a problem. But to live together happily ... I've heard that you do every day scandals? ".


It is possible to treat such issues with a special passion and show your acting skills. Choose a character that you like and respond as he would have done it (theatrical weep, burst out laughing, begin to wail, to catch at heart), carry a different nonsense. Then, after finishing the performance, ask: "Believe?" So you have fun, and people will never know whether you told the truth or lied, deliberately joking. In addition, in this case, any joke is welcome more to popliteus, inappropriate comments and rude humor.

Confused explanations

In general, the question and answer can be. Only here you should start with is far, it is desirable plaiting some arcane and mythical theory. Telling you need so that all or open their mouths in amazement, or fall asleep from boredom. For example, on the question of divorce can be started from childhood, when a fortune teller foretold to you, that you will marry a sheikh, who will adore you, and you have decided what whatever was to carry out this prediction, or something like that . Fantasize and invent the most incredible things. Imagine yourself screenwriter Mexican TV series. Telling can be so long and tedious that soon you will be asked to shut up and start to talk about completely different subject.

Universal Answer

Naturally, there are answers that are suitable for any situation. For example, "I would not like to discuss this topic" In the text chat. So you can say, if you do not want to hurt the person. This answer is polite, then, no ine was hurt and, on the other hand, will cause some leniency towards you. But all will certainly think that you are experiencing this difficult situation.