Tips for men: what you should never ever say to women

Women are not as gentle and whimsical creations as some men. They are do not like such scandals of the blue, and a long walk with an injured look, but there are things that you shouldn’t say to woman, even if you really want.

You should not say anything bad about her best friends.

The woman just automatically classifies as a man unsure of him, if he talking badly about her best friends, and especially even if he have not met with any them, and it is not kind of very well know this woman. Even if they do more than just friends, by your comments you will show that you are afraid of competition, and women don’t insecure men. So what about her male friends is or good, or nothing, and focus better on your own relationship with a woman.

"I'll call you on Friday."

Check out the conversation, making a notch for the next step is a good reception for the force, but not for a man who builds a relationship with a woman. Firstly, such phrases make you predictable (better to just call suddenly on Friday and suggested you are go hang out together), and secondly, the likelihood that then she would call you, tends it to zero.

Any hints on plans in the future.

This subject often happens on the first dates when woman talks about her main interests and preferences, and man uses this information as an great opportunity to hint at the next date. For example, she says that she loves Japan food, and he picks up: "It's great, I love it too, and we will go together somehow in Japan restaurant." So it does not necessary. Women like a man with whom it is not too simple. Hinting at future visits, man give her know that you really like it, and she interest to you, most likely, will begin to fade. Suppose she asks that you invite her to a second date, or not - it's very useful at an early stage of relations.

"How many boyfriends have you had before?"

Wait a minute, do you just really want to know? Secondly, asking this question you once again you will demonstrate lack of confidence. Ask about this subject is possible, only if she first ask you a question about how many partners have you had before.

"I wrote you a SMS two days ago, but you did not answer. What happened? "

By asking this sort of questions, you show that you are concerned that you did not answer her - and it is better not to do (perhaps it was responsible for such a check). Even if you are really waiting for an answer, it is better to pretend that you do not attach importance to such trifles - no mention of that SMS, like us forgot about it. And yet, such questions can make woman a sense of guilt, and most women try to stay away from the source of this feeling.

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