Being a good lover implies one responsibility: to give pleasure to your partner. One of the things that lovers' relationship fails is when they change their desire for duty. In the sexual, love sometimes is lost, sometimes it is found, but it is never ignored. When it comes to a lovers relationship, sex needs to be sublime and love a guest. Being lovers is not always unlawful. That is understood by those who love each other. Welcome to our random webcam blog, stay online!

When you fight, you stop being lovers

Desire is fundamentally bound to the body or to the physical. Love is always more sublime and less basic. Lust is always a good friend of lovers. To disappoint is to miss something good. The immense proportion of infidelities only tells us one thing: sex is winning love. A lover who generally demands is a husband or wife. In sex the perverse always finds its way out either through a spanking or a dirty word. When sexuality focuses on genitality then you can declare yourself a lousy lover. It is not necessary to be an artist in the sexual, all you need is to be a brush and the other is canvas. In the sexual, not counting a violation, all the rest, at some point, there is always a gesture of love. If you are not able to enjoy sex, it is quite difficult for you to enjoy another. In psychological terms, the perverse has to do with the absence of limits. Sometimes in sex just that is the goal. Sometimes we fall in love just to let ourselves have sex with someone. If you practice sadomasochism and you are the dominant object, the most emblematic act before the masochist is to say NO. If you practice pairing, you should remember that sometimes there are loans that are not returned. If you practice triplets it is important to know that once you know some pleasures, you want nothing else but that. There is no dirty act in sex, there are only dirty people having sex. If you want to have a great time just in your room, try our free text chat.

Like any act that derives in pleasure, sex can become addiction

The sexual is always a violent recreation of two bodies colliding with each other, furiously. One of the most interesting aspects of orgasm is that it always makes us have it with gestures very similar to pain. To talk about rules within sex is to stop talking about sex. In a sadomasochistic act, the masochist usually rules. It is ironic but those who practice it know that I am speaking. In group sex, men usually have erection problems. Not everything is like porn. Sometimes women practice sexual freedom only because they fear that the man will leave them. Many like the thing and leave the man. Faking an orgasm humiliates both lovers. Masturbation is the most intimate act of sex. It's a relationship where only you, with you, are looking at you so. In a homosexual or lesbian act, pleasure is derived more from desire than from genitality. Using sex as manipulation to obtain love is the most absurd act of the human being. Frigidity is always mental. When you do not deal with the pleasure of your partner, infidelity and unloving will enter your life without knocking on the door.

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