Modern web-romance

What Is romance in our nowadays life, when the main trend  is “everything must happen quickly and without further preliminaries”? And sex is no exception. More and more often people say “No” to detailed profiles and endless beating around the bush! Do you want to go on a date with a view to have sex here and now? Just drill new dating app for your mobile and be ready for a pleasant surprise. Maybe “hopeless romantic” of the future – is just the same one, who believes it is possible to meet your soulmate on apps like Tinder or using random webcam et cetera? This may seem ridiculous but anyway you cannot deny that such situations contain an element of lucky chance, which is so important for a true romantic, as afterwards he or she may consider – “it was fate”.

You know, it seems just yesterday it was weird and even desperately to make acquaintances online – in special dating sites with detailed information about everybody`s biography, interests, goals and so on. People were very cautious and spent a lot of time in Text chat before the first real date. But at some point the evolution of our sexuality strode side by side with the evolution of the media, and here we come to the fact that less and less time willing to spend on traditional communication requiring high-speed search process and the same quick result.

So what kind of person is the pure, true romantic of the future? Just the one, who believes in some old-fashioned ideals and plots, prefers live dialogues and some well-tried places to meet - like bars, night clubs, and parties with friends or even his or her own office space… Or the one, who is not looking for easy way out and believes in impossible coincidences, who is really optimistic in his or her vision of survival chances of love and sincerity in modern society.

So maybe this entire thing about dating apps is not so primitive (anyway, not for everybody). As a rule, developments of the niche dating sites have probably simple, but the philosophy "We save people from loneliness." As journalist Dan Slater said in his book "Love in the time of algorithms" - "if online dating will help cure the emotional pain of loneliness, if men and women can afford to demand the relationship of what they truly want, online dating is unequivocally positive invention. Thanks to more efficient algorithms ... anyone (young, old, straight, gay, and even a married person) can find exactly what he wants."

Finally we can say that though dating apps don`t promise to find for you the love of your life and actually do not claim to be serious and to replace traditional relationship completely, they inadvertently bring a new type of personality with such main values like freedom of expression, openness, tolerance, acceptance of the natural imperfections of human. Must admit, if you are dismissed - it's not in app. But what is positive - in apps private remains private, and unrealized desires do not affect a person's life and does not capture his thoughts.