There are loves that start with lies and on the way they are becoming truths. Sometimes a woman's heart comes with lies, and those lies eventually turn against you. A relationship always begins with good standing if the truth is an inherent part of it. You cannot sustain a relationship where love is a lie to get sex. It does not matter what your living conditions are when starting a love. The important thing is that you tell the truth. Today, in this modernity, fidelity is not the norm to refuse a parallel relationship. Standards have changed. The relationship of lovers has been established since it was invented that one had to be faithful. Learn more with our blog and join our webcam chat with strangers.

Sometimes the lover is considered an oasis

It is an oasis if everyone is clear what it means to be lovers. Fidelity is an invention. The only reality is that we love, we stop loving, and we love again and so on. I do not defend fidelity or infidelity; I just observe how you live today and how the world fits that. Being lovers implies a lie. The truth would be that all members knew and when that happens, they are already trio, not lovers. In the end, love always makes its way. There is no marriage, religion, doubts or fears that prevent 2 beings from loving themselves. Relationships based on truths generally place sex first and love later. Total, love begins with sex. Nothing more honest than saying "look, I'm married, you like me and I want to be with you". Now, is it moral? Most women assume that men are unfaithful. So, why do they feel betrayed when they do? With our random text chat you can chat with anybody you want!

Passion is the mother of all kisses

We can always choose not to relate to someone, but when we do it better to be clear about what to expect. All lovers' relationships imply the unconscious desire that the partner, the lover and the lover become the only one. Being a lover of someone, knowing it, is the clear acceptance that your need for love is greater than your moral. Honestly, in my opinion, I think that love does not know morals. In fact, moral is love backwards. I believe that the world is inexorably bound to the failure of marriage and the apology of free love. When we tell a lie when starting a relationship, we are turning that relationship into a farce. Few poets speak of marriage, most speak of lovers. When you are lovers of someone and you deceive your partner, the love towards the lover comes stained of the betrayal to the couple. Love is selfish and that is a fact. When 2 lovers join, it matters little what the respective partners feel. Territoriality in love is based on insecurity about having it. Truth is not always a friend of passionate loves. Sometimes to hold him lies are told. Between lovers, the figure of the husband or the wife, are only ghosts that muddle the bed of pleasure. In my experience, when the loves end with a deception, one of the parties says "and why I was not unfaithful to him / her? Being lovers, being the other or the other, always implies a desire, a fear and a hope. Fidelity is always preferable, but let someone inform that unfortunate man to convince us of that.