How to start a conversation with a man or woman

To start a conversation with the woman or man who likes to seem a daunting task for many, but if you take the daily life, we talk to strangers at least a couple times a day. We talk in the subway, when we need to get off at the next station, we are interested in who deadline in line at the store, etc. For us it is a normal process of dialogue with the people, if we are bound by any circumstances. What happens when we try to begin the chat with the man or woman that you like? We have tried 100 times to come and talk, but thought that this ridiculous idea or you're nervous, thinking what to say, etc. I want to say that to start a chat with a man or a woman, just as easily as to start a conversation with a man who goes with you to the underground and comes out at the same station as you. By the beginning of the conversation should be approached delicately, as if it is a normal process, without betraying any emotion. Your task is to make contact, let it be the beginning not long, but you go and start talking, and then you're already on the right track.

I have collected 3 ways to start a chat with the man or woman for my readers 6 more bonuses, you will learn in this article, but about everything in order.

I would like to say that during the first conversation with a girl or a guy, do not try to stretch to a long chat, the first conversation should not be long.

  1. A request for assistance. A good way to approach a girl or a guy in a cafe with a puzzled and say that you have just sat at this table and somewhere lost phone, ask to call your number. If a girl or a guy would agree to call it in the first place, you have already started a conversation with the girl or guy, and secondly, if they call you on the phone, then you will remain their number. If your phone rings in your pocket, tell me that you accidentally put the phone in your pocket and forget, smile, thank, and this will end your conversation.
  2. To drop something on the floor. The second method may not be quite as effective as the first, but in the first case you should be able to play the role of the person who lost something, in this case, something to drop to the floor is much easier. Famously, when you're holding a bunch of papers or documents and there to meet you is he or she is, and you're right next to her feet crumbled the paper, pauses, and saying, "That's really bad", begin to slowly gather all . Sometimes it can get kind of fun and you can cheer girl or guy that you went to the meeting, well, in the second is he or she can help you collect what you dropped on the floor.
  3. Use social networks or dating sites. If you know that his or her home there on the dating site or social networking sites, you can use and write on the Internet.
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