How to improve memory and attention: a healthy lifestyle and exercise

How to improve memory account the nature of nothing is nothing, and just by chance. Even if people sometimes forget something that happens all the time, it should not be a cause for concern. But sometimes it is something that should alert: for example, if you go to the store, and you will come to the cinema or a cafe ... It happens that in general forget, what came out of the house. That's where you start to think about how to improve memory and attention.

How to do it? You just need to train the memory, using special exercises. If applied consistently and regularly, it is possible to recover from your "maiden" forgetfulness. But first you need to understand the reasons for this own forgetfulness. Chief among them is considered by many psychologists, it is that people like subconsciously fenced off from the outside world, and even deliberately oppose themselves to their surroundings. Thus, forgetful people suffer just elementary and inattention. So you just need to get rid of its "case" and go down to meet the sunlight, giving a charming smile and kind eyes light to all people around - and then the world will sparkle with bright colors, and memory will be improved.

Memory and attention: huge potential

The memory of any man is by nature a very big potential. In fact, we have hidden such a huge possibility that we are even hardly can imagine. It is needs only to recall how often we tried to remember the name of the actor, going through a variety of other names, or brand cars and even a familiar phone number ... And when we already give up, unable to perform the task and calm, suddenly in the head there forgotten name or address. But where did this come from? Because in any notebook we have not looked - this information is stored in our memory. As we remember some of the scenes from our early childhood and other times past. They say that some can even remember what happened to his distant ancestors, or even something that only happens in fifty years, but this topic for a completely different article, which can be ever be written.

What you need to improve

To start with all the suffering "maiden" forgetfulness must firmly understand for them that the radical improvement of memory is impossible without compliance with certain well-defined conditions. Without a full night's sleep, the memory work as "operational" and "permanent" in full force just is not possible. So be sure to get enough sleep as it should, and generally observe the sleep and rest. Recovery of brain cells occurs by the way, during the night.

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