How to fill your life with beauty?

The lack of beauty can cause illness. People aesthetically very sensitive, experiencing depression in an ugly environment and discomfort ... Life in an unpleasant environment with nasty people - a pathogenic factor.

Abraham Maslow

These words remind us about the need to fill the life with beauty. Scientific studies confirm that if our home prevail comfort and cleanliness, heat and light, sounds of laughter and music, our self-esteem increases and overeating risk even under stress tends to zero. Tired of boring job? Try random webcam chat sites!

Creation a ritual is getting more out of a smaller amount of food

Most of us are indifferent to the high-calorie sweets and starchy foods. We find it hard to resist this food, and we easily fall from her dependent. From the viewpoint of biochemistry is a healthy reaction: nature has programmed us to choose the best possible high-calorie foods, but more often we eat it, the less fun it brings. That is why over time become addicted and overweight: the brain requires either an even more high-calorie foods or the same food, but in larger quantities.

The decision to reconsider the attitude to desserts and bread is learn to derive more pleasure from your small amount, rituals will help with this.

Try it the next time there is a chocolate bar at once, but without removing the wrapper, divide it in half, then remove the wrapper from one half, eat chocolate and repeat the same with the other. The more often you are going to be doing this ritual, the more will receive pleasure, and the desire to take a supplement will disappear. Scientific studies show that due to the ritual of any food, whether it is chocolate or carrot, feels like a delicious, I want to savor it, not swallow. Free local chat rooms is the great way to have fun!

Dress for a date - or dress in the pool, people went out or just stay at home. The same mentality manifests itself in us, and then when people overeat, you are sitting on a strong diet. Just like in love: we refuse her or his sensuality, and then become we anxious, restless, lose confidence and as a result of sleeping with person with which we did not fit: a kind of mental equivalent of a large packet of biscuits.

Jamie Cat Callan, author of the book "French women do not sleep alone"

Make sure you get enough emotional eating every day. Communication does not have to be every time very interesting or fun, the main thing that you have learned to derive pleasure from the fact of communication, near the shoulder feeling.

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