How to be a good interlocutor?

Community - this is certainly an important part of any life and work situations, and the most important tool in communication efficiency is an effective technique of negotiation, especially in webcam random resources. Because the consequences of a catastrophic failure of negotiations: misunderstandings, unproductive meetings, lost time, the absence of a positive result, hurt feelings and unproductive teamwork. To avoid this and to become a successful companion, you must know the rules that can be applied in the community, at work and at home.

Thank your interlocutor

Before we delve into self-talk, do not forget to express his appreciation for the fact that the other person has given you time. Because the time - it's quite a valuable commodity, and should be able to treat it with respect. In addition, be sure to thank a friend for the contribution that he has made in your life or work. Even small praise - this is the first step in building a good relationship.


Learn to develop mutual relationships in communication. To do this, prepare in advance the general topic of conversation, where your interests intersect: hobbies, weather, news, sports, etc. Be extremely careful to avoid controversial and complex issues, such as religion or politics. I sincerely show their interest in the organizations, projects or family affairs of his friend, who are very important in his life because the sense of communication always makes the listener more active and receptive.

Keep a positive attitude

Be as constructive in their questions and comments, often during intercourse praise his interlocutor. Try to find a man, something positive that can be emphasized in conversation, but be sincere and do not dissemble. After the order, if it is possible, prevent the defensive position of the interlocutor, not to provoke it. If you properly take advantage of this advice, you can save any, even the conflict situation, and send it in a fruitful direction in text chat with random people.

Watch your tone

Even despite the fact that you have to be firm and assertive in the presentation point of view, be careful that your tone is not overly emotional and escalated into aggression. Your speech has to be calm, confident and direct. Do not use hints dialogue and be prepared for criticism on the part of your opponent. If you are an emotional person, or the topic of conversation and the outcome for you is very important, try to think in advance whatever you want to say and spoke it at home in front of a mirror. Or use the following advice.

Define the desired result

Understand for yourself that for a productive dialogue is very important to determine the outcome. Advance precisely defines for yourself what you are striving for, and the terms on which are ready to negotiate. And during the entire communication keep your goal in mind and gently lead it to the other party. This simple advice will help you make the conversation as quickly as possible and constructive, because they do not will bring you out of your way, and you will not be a party to the dispute for the sake of argument. Do you intend to give advice, share knowledge, look for a solution; agreement or compromise the desired result will affect the course of the conversation.

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