How to arrange the girl

How to arrange the girl? The experience from real life. Live examples and practice.

Guys, today I want to share my experience than some recommendations, although there will be a lot of advice, but rather I'll just make some discussion questions and he'll try to answer them. Today let's talk about how to win a girl. The mass of books, the mass of articles, literature and other pickup I just set aside, and try to explain all just by examples from life.

Arrange is means to make it clear to the girl that you can be trusted, while calling her interest in his person. Locate the girl can discover before and after her.

I and my friend are constantly trying to develop and go to all sorts of different activities, outdoor recreation. Yes, our blog is about online dating and relationships, but it does not mean that all the time you need to devote to it the network. We must constantly evolve. Even if you invite a girl from the Internet to the meeting, then it is necessary to say something, and if your life, nothing happens and nothing you are not fond of, then place the girl just fail. You have to be multi-faceted and sometimes to be able to adapt to the situation or to adjust the situation for them. Since the situation may be different, the single template for all situations does not exist.

Girls love it when a guy acts. Right actions are made at the right time and in the right place just a girl to him.

Location girls in the store. Practice. Example:

Recently we went shopping, I had to scrimp, shopping and stuff. Hiking bought some stuff and went into a men's clothing store. On cash was a girl and two girls went shopping, they are consultants. My friend wanted to buy pants, she premeasures all the options, the size was not suitable. At first we connected a consultant to act, we asked her to find us a suitable size, and together began to look for his pants. Pants actually were not. Then a friend saw a mannequin pants that size he need. We asked two consultants to undress a mannequin, taking into account that if the pants fit, we will buy them. Pants Price was average, but the girls lit up sell them when we were asked about everything calmly, with a laugh and a good mood, nothing personal. A third woman, who was standing at the cash register, curiously came to see what we undress a mannequin, we explained to her that just want to buy the pants, but the size is appropriate only on a mannequin.

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