Few useful advices for men

Never ever ask those next questions to woman

"Do you like me?" This question is the main killer of male attractiveness. When communicating with a woman must proceed from the fact that she likes you, otherwise it is better to simply bypass the party. Remember, we talked about the lack of confidence?

"What do you want to do tonight?"

Women like men who have a plan to do it all out and implement. At that moment, when you invite a girlfriend on a date, you will already have ideas on how you can hold this meeting - and nothing else.

"Look at my amazing car."

…or a prestigious job or flat in a luxury area. Basically, man has no need to say something that even remotely resembles an attempt to make an great impression on a girlfriend at her income. Sure, even if man driving a Maserati. Most women are like men in the category of those who have nothing else or equal to offer. Sure, the high level of welfare may attract some girls, but even she have been impressed with this sort of things a lot more if you act like if you don’t care about it. Even if you dont.

"Why are you so worried about the summertime? You look wonderful. "

Yes, most of men say it's the best of their intentions, but such intentions do not always lead to equal results. Basically, woman tends to bring her body in order for the bikini season is not to be like a skinny model, but only to look and feel much better. If your girlfriend wants to lose some kilograms by the summer time, do not even try to make her feel dumb because of it. She needs to be supported, and probably buy a nice yoga pants.

"Are you listening to this?"

It could be Justin Bieber, "Tokyo Hotel" and anything that does not match the male taste. In fact, perhaps she has a great taste in music. Maybe she is music playlist a wide variety of genres, including a big complex and sophisticated, but time by time she wants something primitive, cheerful, is not binding to any reflection on the sense that the creators put into her art. Do not blame her for it; eventually, your hard-rock aesthetes can cause genuine horror.

"Maybe you should not spend so much money on cosmetics?"

When it comes to her money, this question is such a rude thing: no one has the right to tell others how they are shell manage their own money. If she spends your money, you run the risk of being branded as greedy men (and greedy - it's almost as scary as insecure). Finally, if you want tall her that she is a beautiful woman, you will have to accept the fact that the preservation of beauty does not come cheap.

"Can I kiss you?"

This is one of the most unfortunate phrases, which only you can say to a woman - especially if it's your first kiss with her. More precisely, it is likely that after this issue is no kiss will not be at all. Even if she said yes, it is likely to be polite, and your attractiveness in her eyes begins to plummet. No need to ask, you do what you want to do when you are sure that the time for this has come; if you are unsure, you just have to wait.

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