The effectiveness of pain

Business and comparing the ring has become something like an old cliché. Perhaps, just lazy coaches at the first seminar uttered phrases like "Businessman is primarily a fighter." But behind this lies the practical meaning of the lyrics: some methods of martial arts are really worth to use in business or career. Read more with our free random web cam chat  blog

You can read a lot of clever books, but if you flee from the battlefield after the first missed kick, they will not help.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we are living in a very aggressive business environment, hateful as the Wild West. Business - is a solid "blue ocean", where a huge number of niches not yet mastered. Money will go to those who will be faster and more aggressive. And the easiest way to understand these qualities is to do martial arts. I've been doing Thai boxing for 4 years. And yes, it is difficult and painful, but the whole point. Constant feeling of pain and overcome it will be nice train. And will for the businessman, even more important than intelligence. In fact, fighting mentality can be deduced from any impasse faster than terabytes of business literature. Here are a few living examples.

We get up after a knockdown

It happens that the opponent or circumstances send you lie down in the ring. In business terms, this may mean a review of the license of the bank, which is the salary of your subordinates, or care worker with a base of key customers to the main competitor. Whether this will become a knockdown knockout depends on your ability to make decisions quickly. If you are looking for good free private chat rooms – try this site.

Once we have collected a forum for 500 thousand dollars, and then holding it almost fell through: key speakers refused to come, tickets were not sold. There were two options: either to withdraw tail between his legs, to fix the cash gap and to cancel the event or risk everything, what is and what is not, and to stand up to the end, whatever it was. I went all-in, first postponed all financial obligations not to go bankrupt, and then launched the coolest advertising campaign, spending unscheduled 750 thousand dollars. So I burned all the bridges and cut off his escape route like whole stadium looked at me the, the whole business environment, I could not fail. And not screwed up: we had not only paid for all investments, but also make good money. This is the true story.

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