The causes of conflict in relationships

Any relationship in a pair, as a rule, is based on romantic feelings. Practice shows that such feelings are much stronger in the early stages of nucleation relations. However, an overflow of positive emotions does not prevent quarrels and conflicts. What to say about couples who have been together for a long time. There is the ground for conflict is much broader and more diverse. And if we talk about and conflict resolution, it is better to start to identify their underlying causes. Learn more with our web chat random blog.


Probably it is the most common cause of conflict in any relationship. As a rule, it reveals much more serious problems in the pair, as it is a catalyst. The well-known fact that most people have a sense of ownership is much sharpened so when the territory invaded by a third person, animal instincts prevails. There are different types of jealousy. Some of them are adequate, and in the modern attitude of people can be considered quite logical. Still others may bring the pair not only to break the relationship, but in addition, give each a nervous breakdown and psychological exhaustion. It is impossible to determine who is jealous over: women or men. As time has shown, this process prone to both sexes equally. If we talk about jealousy, then immediately should assess in whom lies the true reason. There are two options. Or your partner is really to blame for your sleepless nights and attacks, or else you are not so sure of themselves and their relationships that any woman can see a potential lover. If you fit the first option, then you need to talk with his half. Listen to and understand the real causes of such behavior. If you see yourself in the second embodiment, it is necessary to begin to change themselves and their attitude to your pair. The only way you can free yourself and your partner from the constant bickering.

Family relations conflicts

The monotony in a relationship often does not yield to jealousy in the ranking of the most popular causes of conflict. Life and routine can overtake any couple at any time. Nevertheless, it is still more common in relations with the experience. Lovers have known each other practically all used to each other and can sometimes predict the actions of its halves. Here and puts its start routine. It creeps in absolute silence, as is shown in the midst of the conflict. The main thing in this situation is to realize that the blame for both partners. You cannot flip all the blame on the neck of one man, because in order to somehow diversify the relations should always be both partners. Let the first and is the initiator of any unusual activity, it is important that the second has always supported him in this endeavor, and did not refer to fatigue, laziness or unwillingness. If you feel that you become hostage to the routine, feel free to take the initiative in their hands, and do not wait until everything will collapse. Ask your partner to do something unusual, it is not typical of your pair. Creative imagination. The main thing is do it all the time, and then the question of conventionalism will never go down in your pair.