Betrayal and problems with faithfulness are probably the most frequent reason for breakup

Some people claim that what leads person in such situation is animal instinct, and all the love and common history with official partner can`t change anything. “People are polygamous by nature” – we can often hear from our friends or mass-media. The other consider, that there are two “teams” - polygamous and monogamous people, - regardless of sex, so you should choose a partner only from your “team” to prevent further misunderstanding and suffering. So there are some boys or girls a priori inaccessible, with whom you have not any chance… But all this seems quite ridiculous and denies any individuality. Reasoning thus you can miss a really great partner, so don`t think so stereotypically.       

Of course, shit happens. But instead of panic and afraid to start a relationship, try to know clearly what vision of faithfulness and betrayal your partner has. Because although there are so many reasons for infidelity (from the banal boredom and the desire to diversify the life to hidden understanding that the relationship are already outdated), the most important thing is that the term "betrayal" everyone understands in his own way - for someone innocent flirtation is betrayal, and someone finds it easy not to focus that his or her partner has an affair, while there is nothing but sex behind them.

There are simply amazing points of views, which can often be found on online forums, women's magazines and text chat with strangers. For example, some people do not consider cyber-sex as cheating. They associate it with masturbation and watching porn, because some girl or guy in web chat random is as much a stranger as a porn actor. And some respondents are so “romantic” that they believe that kissing is cheating, and sex - is not. Obviously, a kiss seems to them something more personal and sincere.  

So you should learn about your partner`s principles and views as soon as possible. And initially decide if it suits you, without trying to alter a person “in process”.

But what drives people to all these different ways of cheating?

Men are always seeking new horizons, they are always on the move. If he gets used to the woman with whom he dates, if she becomes predictable for him in conversation, and in the bed, the result is predictable too - a betrayal. Even in a relationship built on complete trust, must always be a place if not for secret, but for the riddle or little exciting intrigue.

Women betray their men often because they lack romance and attention in their daily lives – while only one surprise candlelight dinner can prevent this catastrophe! Betrayal happens when the relationship becomes uncomfortable, even if apparently all is well. If you feel that there is any problem, it is necessary to try to discuss the problem with your partner. Simple conversation heart to heart – is the universal medicine, the most simple and the most complex, which can prevent infidelity at a very early stage, even before the tiny thought of it.