3 little-known ways to lose weight

1. Allow you to experience your own emotions instead of seize them

One of the main causes of obesity is overeating "on the emotions." According to observations by psychotherapist, author of "Intuitive Eating," we often seize anxiety, guilt and shame. The best way to cope with emotional overeating is stop dividing emotions into good and bad, and allow yourself to experience them. To do this, at the time of overeating tell yourself (or write down in the diary) Now I eat because I am nervous / angry / I'm lonely / bored. This immediately reduces the stress and calms. Here is another advice from the well-known expert on food behavior Brian Wansink. A bad mood to provoke overeating, so before meals remind yourself at least one happy event that happened recently, or something for which you are grateful. You can share the good news with those who dine with you. So you eat less. We have a good webcam chat with random people for you ;)

2. Cease to divide the food on "is possible" and "it's impossible"

We crepe struggling, do not allow yourself forbidden cakes or chocolate, bread and sausage, but sooner or later, still bogged down is overeat those most hated chocolate and cakes and recruit extra weight. French psychotherapist Gerard Apfeldorfer, author of "Losing weight starts in the head» (Maigrir, c'est dans la tête), urges stop to share a meal on the permissible and the forbidden: each product can be a source of energy and good mood. Consciously turn to the menu forbidden desserts, only eat them in the end and watch your feelings. When the fun reaches its peak? After some in a row slice taste gradually begins to melt? If you have overeaten under stress or emotions, do not torture yourself with guilt. Calmly analyze what made the food. Looking for online voice chat rooms? We have something that you’ll like.

3. The emotional makeup is important. Do not deprive yourself of communication

One of the instigators of overeating and food disruptions, which few of us thinks, is lack of communication. The natural conversation with a friend or just a couple of jokes, which you spread with a nice a shop or a neighbor - all these emotional food, we need to feel good as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. If we deliberately or inadvertently deprive ourselves of communication (long turn in on themselves, do not go to people who do not keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, relatives), we begin to feel a strange emptiness inside and sooner or later breaks down in overeating to fill it.